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FintraEd Hands Up In Upscalling Your Trading Essentials With Top Notch Customized Scanners,
Indicators & Back tested Algo Services Embedded With Profit Driven Strategies

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Custom Scanners


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Custom Indicators

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Algo Strategy Development & Deployment

Custom Indicators

Introducing our high-accuracy Entry/Exit Signal Indicator, a powerful tool designed to enhance your trading strategy and improve your trading performance. We understand that timing is crucial in the financial markets, and our indicator is engineered to provide you with precise signals for optimal entry and exit points, giving you a competitive edge in your trading activities. 

Custom Scanners

Introducing our cutting-edge Scanner Development Service for Stock Selection! We understand the importance of making informed investment decisions in today’s dynamic and fast-paced financial markets. That’s why we have developed a powerful tool that combines advanced technology with expert knowledge to assist you in identifying the most promising stocks for your portfolio. 

Scanner Results

Introducing our Prebuilt Scanner Service for Automatic Stock Selection in Real Time! We understand that staying ahead in the fast-paced financial markets requires timely and accurate information. With our advanced scanner service, you can effortlessly discover promising stocks that align with your investment criteria, enabling you to make informed trading decisions and maximize your portfolio’s potential. 

Algo Strategy Development & Deployment

Welcome to our Algo Trading Service website, your gateway to automated trading with the expertise of our Algo Experts team. We understand the growing demand for efficient and effective trading solutions in today’s dynamic financial markets. Our website offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to harness the power of algorithmic trading while benefiting from the knowledge and guidance of our experienced team.

Fixed Brokerage Plans

Trading Desk Set Up

Introducing our Trading Desk Setup Service, where we specialize in creating professional and efficient trading environments tailored to your needs. Our service is designed to help traders, investors, and financial professionals establish high-performance trading desks equipped with multiple monitors and all the necessary tools to enhance productivity and maximize trading capabilities.