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Financial management, trading & education are the macro factors ruling the world in today’s era, where finding them under one roof is rare. FintraEd is fusion of all these three macro variable making individuals skilled with an efficiency to understand the psychology with right education to trade & manage the earnings to gain constant upward line

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Making India Invest For Higher Returns
Than Saving At Low

The aim of evolving the basic Indian mindset of securing FDs to investing into stocks – we strive to offer a revolutionary approach to young minds educating the concepts of stock market by eliminating financial myths.

In India, where 70 – 90% Indians consider Fixed Deposits as a best savings option to earn interest on their hard-earned , apparently the rest percentage taste the lux scoop. 

Share Market Hands


FintraEd Hands Up In Upscalling Your Trading Essentials With Top Notch Customized Scanners, Indicators & Back tested Algo Services Embedded With Profit Driven Strategies To Retrive More Profits At Ease.

Fixed Brokerage PLan

Custom Scanners


On Demand Scanners

Custom Indicators

Trading Desk Setup

Algo Strategy Development & Deployment

Introducing An Era Of Learning The Majestic Power of Trading & Investing

Trading is an art to understand the mobilization of lines & patterns on the X-axis & Y-axis which make figures move to act as a macro whole. Understanding the chemistry about how this macro & micro variables work as a base of stock market is primary concern for the stock traders in this modern dynamic world.

Stock market training institute

Stock Trading

Live Market Support

On Demand Course Repeat

Experienced Mentors

Easy Cuirriculam

Free Digital Library Access

Planning Perfect Route Map Towards Financial Life

While everyone is concern about delivering course, we at FintraEd- The Best Stock Market Training Institute In Indore promise to impart practical approach in juvenile minds transforming to be a Stock Trader as well as an individual with a “Financial Wellbeing”

Join Us Now For The Journey of
Your Own Financial Freedom !

Making India Choose Best Move To Win

Every sprint involves a strategy to take over “Slow & Stop”  apparaently in stock market its all about the right move at right position in the clock with respect to charts on the screen

Sideways Market

FintraEd Signature Course

We Make Learning Stock As Easier Listening Stocks

Step 1

Register For Course   & Claim Your Trading Kit At FintraEd

Step 2

Interactive Sessions (Modules) with Live Market Support

Step 3

Analyse Your Learning With Brainstorming Test 

Step 4

Final Exam & Certifications 

Step 5

Get Access to Practice Live Trading With Experts In Trading Lounge 

Step 6

Now You Are A Pro Trader 

Roll To Step 6 From Step 1 & You Are Done

Trading Titan Programme

Ever thought of learning stock market with accurate financial management basics as easier as hearing them orally? We at FintraEd make this happen in days with our robust mentors who have engaged their most life hours in serving industry.

The course is specially engineered to awaken the curious mind towards stock market. it is successful outcome of years of deliberate efforts of FintraEd professional’s financial journey we hands up in offering a program that enables a learner to achieve a financial freedom or a pathway towards being a full time professional trader by just one hour.

Course Attraction

  • Live Intensive Sessions For 35 Days

  • 15 Days Live Market Support

  • Maerket Buzz News Letters

  • Access To Revision & Repeat Sesssions

  • Pre Built Tested Scanners

  • Pre Built Custom Indicators

  • Automation Of Your Strategy (Scanner Development)

  • Learn Basics Of Scanner Development

  • NISM Certification Support

  • 2 Days Exposure at Renowned Brokers Affiliated With NSE / BSE

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Anil Shah
Anil Shah
Best place for getting in depth knowledge and mentors are having very good knowledge about share market and financial management. Thanks.
Ravi goyal Aadawasi
Ravi goyal Aadawasi
Yah sabse achcha hai
"Thanku Indore & thanku fintred"!!! &Spaicel thanks respected sir ''pankaj sir!!🙏🙏🙏'' He is a great teacher He explained all Market, option, tecnical etc.. THANKU SO MUCH FINTRED!!💫💫
hariom sanodiya
hariom sanodiya
Here is your full stop of financial journey. You will get everything you want regarding financial literacy. Step by step stock market study, future and options trading study , portfolio building, retirement planning through investing. Diversification of capital etc.
Harsh Verma
Harsh Verma
Fintarde I got to learn a lot by coming to the class and after coming here I feel that I will be able to do trading on my own. I got to learn a lot by coming to the class and after coming here I feel that I will be able to do trading on my own.
abhishek malviya
abhishek malviya
Thank you, Pankaj Sir And Shubhm sir for going above and beyond to ensure that we grasp the intricacies of trading. Your guidance has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge you have shared with us.
Anil yy Tanwar yy
Anil yy Tanwar yy
there is no substitude of fintraed. what a faculty , no words to explain
Ravi Panchal
Ravi Panchal
It is a very good institute, you teach very well sir, got to learn a lot in this institute, anyone who wants to learn something about stock market can learn from this institute.

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