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Financial management, trading & education are the macro factors ruling the world in today’s era, where finding them under one roof is rare. FintraEd is fusion of all these three macro variable making individuals skilled with an efficiency to understand the psychology with right education to trade & manage the earnings to gain constant upward line.

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Why We Initated FintraEd?

Our Story

This journey started with a small yet revolutionary thought of making India financially literate. Our founder Shubham Jain after succeeding for years in Stock Market, Founding 3 Pvt Ltd companies, employing thousands of members realized that India is still not financially literate, only 2-3% of Indians participate in the Indian stock market on the other hand other developing countries participate between 35-60% in the stock market.

With this thought of making India financially literate, FintraEd was born. We always wanted to bring something that can change the perspective of Indian participants towards the stock market. While initiating FintraEd we had only 3 things in mind about the course  “Viable, Affordable & Accessible” to each Indian citizen.

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Our Vision

Stock Market is not a term combined to be taught it’s an era to experience & learn. the visionary thought of FintraEd is to “Make India Choose Right Move In The Game Of Stock Market”